About This Site

I think a lot. In the mornings I find myself going over some random topic in my head, sometimes as if I were explaining it to someone who knew nothing about it but cared a lot. The topics are pretty varied – science, computer programming, the gospel, video games, books, whatever. The thing is, topics repeat. Every once in a while an idea will pop into my head that I know I’ve pondered before, but I’ll go over it again until I’ve got it all straightened out in my head. Then it goes back on the shelf for a while.

I recently decided to get a laptop so that I could make some use of my bus rides (other than napping and reading the very occasional novel – after reading scriptures of course. I haven’t been entirely slackerly). My hope is that if I write down some of these internal discourses, I won’t feel compelled to re-argue or re-explain them; and also that if I ever actually need to discuss a point, I’ll have it written down in a well-thought-out way. It’s totally lame to have an idea crystalized in your mind one minute, but then later when you try to actually express it, it’s sort of liquefied.

A few disclaimers are in order regarding the entries here:
  1. This blog is public, so you won’t find a lot of family stories or photos here. The entries are more like essays than journal entries.
  2. I don’t want to be stealing copyrighted material, and I’m not really an artist, so I will be including very few pictures. I know a lack of pictures makes Internet content hard to read. But that’s just how it is.
  3. Some of these entries may include spoilers for various fictional works such as books and video games. I will try to warn of such things in advance, because I hate knowing something about a story before I’m supposed to. But if you’re in the middle of a story or game, you might want to avoid my entries about it.
And lest anyone mistake my opinions for authoritative declarations or attempted Astroturfing, let me point out that I belong to – but do not claim to represent – the following organizations:
  • I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I don't presume to speak for it. I do think people have a right to expect each member of any religion to represent it well, but if anything I say sparks a question or doubt (or infuriation, or whatever), ask me about it or check out ComeUntoChrist.org.
  • I'm a software tester for Tableau (formerly for Microsoft). I probably won’t write much about technology here, but don’t take anything I say in that area as official either.
So herein will shortly lie a very eclectic collection of information no one person will be likely to care about. You’ll probably think I’m off of my proverbial rocker if you start reading it. But at least now you have been forewarned.